Fiber Bitter

Fabulous Fibre Bitter contains 100% Aloe ferox dried leaf powder from leaves that are harvested from the wild, using centuries old harvesting methods.


Restore 100

RESTORE 100 is a Trace Element that helps your body receive all the needed elements that are lacked in modern products: crops, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy etc. It eliminates the elements and mineral deficiency most of us have.


Bitter Crystals

BITTER CRYSTAL is a colon cleanser product. It removes the food bits that cannot be digested and cleans the colon from toxins.


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About Us

Since graduating from the Art Institute of New York City I have spent the past two decades perfecting my craft and authentic Jamaican Jerk sauces and Catering which were featured and recognized in a New York newspaper The Journal as one of the king of Jamaican Jerk Chef. I  was also featured in the James Bread Foundation magazine.


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