Sarah Sumbal

Clinical Nutritionist

I am a Qualified Nutritionist specialized in Nutrition Therapy and Community Nutrition. I have completed a master's in the field of Food Science and Human nutrition. I have worked in a hospital setting for 2 years as a Nutritionist. Being a professional Nutritionist I have made many diet charts for people suffering from various disorders. I have counseled people about their eating pattern and their diet habit as well. Other than that, I have written more than 70 unique recipes. I am a multi-talented person I have written plenty of articles on several topics related to Nutrition, health, fitness, weight loss, various ailments, and how to overcome these diseases through food. My articles are pretty simple and easy to understand I want every person to gain knowledge from me. My purpose is to help people with my knowledge and soft skills. I have done internships in many hospitals and learned so many things. Being a Nutritionist I must help people of all ages. I am a friendly, easy-going person. I am a social butterfly who loves to socialize with people irrespective of their age, background, color. I love learning new things and to gain the knowledge I believe in experiences and we learn most of the things through our experiences. I am keen on learning new languages too. I can speak Chinese, French, and working on them more to be fluent in these languages and would love to learn other languages as well. Lastly, I would like to say, always learn something new and gain immense knowledge from meeting with new people. We all need to help each other through our knowledge, education, and experiences. And should spread love and happiness among the masses.

About Us

Since graduating from the Art Institute of New York City I have spent the past two decades perfecting my craft and authentic Jamaican Jerk sauces and Catering which were featured and recognized in a New York newspaper The Journal as one of the king of Jamaican Jerk Chef. I  was also featured in the James Bread Foundation magazine.


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