Foods That Keep Your Brain Active and Healthy with complete Meal Plan

The brain is the boss of your body and the second largest part of the body. It controls your whole body and is responsible for all body functions. It controls everything you do even when you are asleep. The human brain is aa complex structure and its weight is at least threepounds. This gray wrinkly spongy mass is made up of protein and fat

and contains two types of cells named neurons and glia.

Neurons contain axons and dendrites which transmit electrochemical signals. The job of glia is to provide physical protection to the neurons and keep neurons and the brain healthy. The brain performs an enormous function in our body We could not breathe, love, play remember anything without the brain. The brain is necessary for so many

activities and therefore, it needs to be fueled well with adequate nutrients and minerals in the form of healthy and nutritious food.

The biggest part of the brain is known as the cerebrum and it makes the human brain. The second-largest part of the brain is the cerebellum it is present at the back of the cerebrum. The function of this part is highly important because it helps to maintain the posture as well as coordinating movement and balance. Now we know that our brain

performs numerous functions and to perform all these roles brain needs to be active, sharp, healthy, and focused as well.

To attain all these our brains, need adequate nutrition because without propernutrients and minerals our brain gets slower and cannot do its job perfectly. If our brain does not develop properly then various complications can occur. Every brain changes with age and along with its mental function declines with age it is the most dangerous consequence of aging but to keep your brain healthy and young is your job. When your brain is healthy it performs all its roles properly and you get along and full life.

The choice you make can keep your brain healthy and mentally sharp. We all have regrets in life don’t let your brain health be one of them. We need different healthy and nutritious foods to improve our brain health. Several foods are linked to better brainpower we just need to make good food choices. Follow a healthy dietary pattern to get a sharpbrain.

There is no magic pill to prevent or overcome cognitive decline with age only nutritious foods can help you to maintain your cognitive function and to sharp your brain. Cut down the intake of saturated fatty acids and other bad fats which can lead to blockage of nerve vessels. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits will help to enhance your memory.

Foods to keep the brain sharp and active Many foods are rich in healthful components such as omega-3, omega-6, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids which support brain health. Adding all these highly nutritious foods in diet on daily basis can give

you excellent results and keep your brain focused, sharp as well as improve cognitive function. Foods such as;

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Legumes

  • Fish

  • Whole grain

These foods support your mental function and you feel more active and

focused on your every task.

Green leafy vegetables

Green family vegetables are best for brain health because they contain folate, vitamin K, B- vitamins, and beta-carotene. Intake of green leafy vegetables helps to slow down cognitive decline and provide excellent brainpower. Green family vegetables such as;

Collard greens

It is the most popular green leafy vegetable and contains vitamin K. It is the best vegetable to get brainpower. For Alzheimer’s patients, it is quite an important vegetable because it prevents neural damage. Choline present in collard greens helps in the improvement of memory as well as aids in the transmission of nerve impulses. Collard green is also loaded with folate which enhances blood flow and other nutrients to the brain.


Kale is known as brain food it is enriched with vitamin B6, folate, and iron which is necessary for brain molecules such as dopamine and serotonin and increases memory.


Twice a day intake of spinach reduces the cognitive decline and make your brain younger and healthier. Vitamin E and K present in spinach increases the mental focus and prevent dementia in older adults. It provides complete protection to your brain by enhancing brainpower.


Broccoli one of the best green leafy vegetables is considered the ultimate brain food. If you battling absent mindedness and poor memory then starting eating broccoli on daily basis. This green veggie has antiamnesic properties that ensure to increase your memory.

Beet greens

Another very vital green vegetable is beet greens it provides you impressive health benefits and has no calories as well as packed with essential nutrients. Beet greens not only improve cognitive health but also aids in lowering blood pressure and improves athletic performance.


Cabbage is a powerful brain food contain vitamin K and antioxidants which help to improve concentration and mental function. Anthocyanin in cabbage prevents plaque of the brain as well as reduces short- and long-term memory loss.

Romaine lettuce

It is loaded with folate and lutein which prevents inflammation of the brain enhancing memory, reducing cognitive decline are the proven brain health benefits of Romainlettuce.

Fruits for sharp and focused brain

Certain fruits boost brain power and keep your brain active.


Avocados are packed with healthy fats and it is a major fruit for your brain health. Since they are not too sweet and are a very good option to keep your mental function improved. Avocados provide several benefits to the body it provides blood to the brain cells, improves blood oxygenation, prevents stroke as well. So, go for avocados and you can add this fruit in different recipes such as avocado egg toast and your brain will get the perfect nutrients to be healthy and sharp.

Berries (All berries blueberry, blackberry, strawberry)

All berries are really powerful in terms of boosting brain function. Berries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which


This simple fruit helps to improve brain health in several ways this fruit boost brain power and prevent brain-related disorders such as Parkinsons disease. This particular fruit helps to energize the brain so your brain can think faster and more clearly. Drinking a glass of

blackcurrants juice is very good for brain health.


Pomegranate is a common fruit and its juice in the morning helps to energize the brain. Pregnant women must help to develop the brain of the unborn child.


There is a very close relationship between blood and grapes daily intake of grapes and grape juice helps in greater vascular flexibility, prevents clotting, and regulates the normal flow of blood. Grapes increase the oxygen supply to the brain and improves mental function.


The brain is loaded with magnesium and potassium and sharpen your brain. Bananas are known as brainpower boosters. One banana a day keeps your brain active, boosts your brain function, and energizes your brain. It increases the ability of the brain to stay focused and helps to learn things pretty easily and fastly. Bananas also help to improve your mood which is controlled in the brain.


Often, brain cells get deteriorate and the main factor behind this is inflammation. Brain tissues get inflamed and become unable to perform their functions properly. Cherry is the best fruit to reduce all inflammation including around and in the brain. Cherries act as anti-aging for the brain keeps the brain sharp and healthy.


One of the main functions of kiwi is it helps to improve mood and cognitive health just like a banana. Alzheimers disease can be prevented by the consumption of kiwi. It not only keeps your brainhealthy but also helps in fighting against various infections.

Brain boosting herbs

Different herbs help to improve brain function enhances memory and protect our brain from decline. Several herbs can be used which aids in mitigating and proper mental functioning.

Lemon Balm

This herb is used to support the mood and boost brainpower. It is also pretty good for preventing cognitive decline and protect the aging brain. Lemon Balm is considered energetic and it is magical in any form or shapes herbal syrups, fresh herbs, capsules, etc.


Rosemary is the most important culinary herb and it is quite nourishing and nutritious for the cerebrovascular system and neurons. This herb support alertness, memory, and mental function. It can be used both dry and fresh and can be added to foods.


This is a powerful herb and loaded with proanthocyanins and flavonoids and has anti-oxidant properties. It is super energetic and provides your brain with high energy so you can concentrate on your daily tasks. Gingko is available in dried powdered form as well as liquid form. If you take ginkgo constantly then you will see the best results.

Best spices for healthy cognitive function

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of spices are always promising concerning brain health. Oxidation in the brain creates free radicals that can destroy the cellular function of the brain. Therefore, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory spices are preferred.


Curcumin in turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant properties which enhances the brain function and improves brain health. Turmeric is a brain booster and it has mental health benefits too. Increases intake of turmeric can reduce Alzheimers disease which is pretty common these days in adults. DHA, Omega-3 fatty acids in turmeric do wonder it lowers the cognitive decline and raises the improvement of brain health.


Another very essential spice is cinnamon the extract of cinnamon can reduce cognitive impairment. The major benefit of cinnamon is it prevent Parkinson’s disease and have neuroprotective effects. Those who are suffering from Parkinsons disease must need to add this spice in their diet. Cinnamon improves blood circulation and lowers the blood

sugar level so; cinnamon is highly beneficial for your brain as well as diabetics.


The importance of this old pepper has always been overlooked. Adding pepper in the daily meal can help to improve your memory and improves mental health.


Another essential holiday spice nutmeg is considered highly beneficial for the development of the brain and cognitive function. It improves your memory and reduces free radicals.


This is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rich spice. It is very delicious and aids in the proper brain function it is known as a brain health booster and gives you a plethora of benefits. It protects the brain from neurotoxins and prevents Alzheimer's disease. Add it in your daily diet and get benefits from this delicious spice.

Brain boosting drinks

Different drinks are helpful for better health and proper development of the brain. Not only foods, herbs play a role in cognitive health but drinks also play a vital role in the excellent performance of brain health.


Simple and easily available water is essential for a healthy brain its importance has always been neglected but water plays a key role in mental health. Your brain consists of 75% water and proper functioning water is vital. It maintains the normal flow of blood to all cells of the brain and promotes brain health.

Green tea

Green tea has many benefits related to the better health of the brain. Caffeine found in green tea helps to keep your brain focused, alert, and fresh. Your brain health increases by the intake of green tea. Therefore, instead of drinking, those sugary drinks go for natural drinks and you will see excellent results. If you are a tea lover then go for green tea and enjoy it. Green tea leaves are loaded with anti-oxidants and energizes you. Healthy adults who want to be more active and want to improve their memory then they should drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea.

Almond milk

Several benefits are associated with almond milk it not only promotes brain health but also helps in the reduction of other diseases such as diabetes as it is sugar-free so, it is good for diabetics as well. Almond milk sharpens your memory and lowers the cognitive decline even in older age.


Like green tea coffee also contain caffeine and it provides the same benefits as though green tea. Coffee increases brain alertness and improves your concentration. Therefore, many people can focus fully on their work after drinking a cup of coffee.

Berri smoothie

It contains flavanols and works as a damage repair team. It helps to maintain your blood vessels health and enhances the memory. Berri smoothie also prevents the early decline of mental function. As they have a low glycemic index therefore, it is a very good option for diabetics and brilliant beverages to take instead of drinking artificial beverages that are loaded with sugar. Take a chill drink berry smoothie and improve your brainpower. Always go for a healthy MIND diet and keep your brain active and alert.

Healthy memory-boosting meal plan (2000 calories)


1 apple (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 0g fat 0g

4 boiled egg whites (68 calories) Carbs 0g fat 0g protein 16g

Cooked oatmeal served with blueberries (229 calories) carbs 37g

protein 5.5g Fat 7g

1 cup steamed broccoli (31 calories) carbs 6g protein 3g fat 0g

1 cup spinach avocado smoothie (144 calories) Carbs 13g protein 4.6g

fat 1.4g

Mid-morning snack

1 cup walnuts (104 calories) carbs 14g protein 16g fat 18.4g

1 cup cooked beans (50 calories) carbs 5g protein 2g fat 0g

Greek yogurt topped with sliced almonds (173 calories) carbs 5.92g

protein 6.38g fat 15.19g

2 oz grilled chicken (134 calories) carbs 0g protein 15.35g fat 7.65g

1 cup almond milk (40 calories) carbs 1.40g protein 1.51g fat 3.58g


1 cup Collard green (11 calories) carbs 2.05g protein 0.88g fat 0.15g

1 cup Mediterranean salad (106 calories) carbs 3g protein 8g fat 7g

½ whole wheat pita (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 3g fat 1.66g

1 cup beet greens (8 calories) carbs 1.65g protein 0.84g fat 0.05g

1 cup kale (34 calories) carbs 6.71g protein 2.21g fat 0.47g


1 cup green tea (15 calories) carbs 2g protein 0g fat 0g

1 cup blackcurrants (18 calories) carbs 4.36g protein 0.4g fat 0.12g

2 small raw carrots (41 calories) carbs 9.58g protein 0.93g fat 0.24g

½ cup pumpkin seeds (290 calories) carbs 4g protein 18g fat 23g


2 oz salmon (75 calories) carbs 0g protein 7g fat 5g

1 cup brown rice (215 calories) carbs 44.2g protein 4.99g fat 1.74g

1 cup coffee (2 calories) carbs 0.09g protein 0.28g fat 0.05g

1 banana (60 calories) Carbs 15g protein 0g fat 0g


Each person needs to maintain their mental health and keep increasing their intake of healthy and nutritious food because unhealthy and food lack of any nutrient and mineral cannot provide you anything. This question pops up in every person’s mind why should I need to be so picky regarding food choices?

The answer is if you want to be healthy and do want to involve in any serious disorder then you have to be a bit picky regarding your eating pattern. These days, every individual is busy have no time to concentrate to care about their eating pattern but it is

indispensable for every living being to get a healthy life. The brain is the second largest part of the body and maintaining its health is our duty. We all have to take care of our body if we have a good memory, the focused brain then definitely we can do more things

in our life. Therefore, each one of us needs to be careful regarding brain health its importance cannot be ignored. If your brain is healthy then your whole body is healthy your body completely relies on your body so, don’t take your brain health for granted.

Have you ever felt tired or sluggish without doing anything? This is the indication that your brain is weak and probably some kind of cognitive function has been declining and this leads to loss of memory. Always choose polyunsaturated foods, more fruits, and vegetables and drink plenty of water also drink healthy beverages instead of drinking sugary drinks which can be very dangerous for your health. Therefore, take good care

of your brain and improve your brainpower and live a happy long life.



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