Natural Remedies (Food, Herb, Spices) To Detox Liver And Kidney

Liver and detoxifying remedies are those that help the body to eliminate fats and toxins

responsible for increasing inflammation in the body and causing disease. Eating a healthy and varied diet, based mainly on natural and industrialized products and

beverages is the best way to prevent liver and kidney problems and excess abdominal fat, which also causes problems in other organs of the body such as the heart. We have presented food, herbs, and spices that will help you in cleansing the liver and kidneys.

Check them out!


Vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants can do wonders to your body. Specifically, for liver and kidneys detoxification, your diet should include pineapple, apple, lemon, cruciferous vegetables, ginger, cucumber, coconut water, carrot, beetroot, parsley, and mint. Besides, fish such as sardines, tuna, and salmon, as well as olive oil is rich in omega 3 that will help in breaking down the fats in your liver cells.

Additionally, green tea is rich in catechins, antioxidants that act on the liver helping to regulate the production of enzymes and reducing the accumulation of fat. Also, these antioxidants prevent cell damage that leads to cancer, not just in the liver, but in various parts of the body. Besides, one of the easiest ways to detox your kidneys is hydration. Additionally, soy products like edamame and tofu are diuretics; hence, they facilitate the process of kidney detoxification.

These products also help in liver detoxification as they form a path for the fats to be eliminated from the body. If you are not fond of the above-mentioned food items, you can use herbal remedies.


Milk thistle is one of the most effective plants for detoxifying the liver and at the same time improving kidney health. When consumed as an infusion, milk thistle would help relieve inflammation of the liver and contribute to the elimination of retained fluids through urine. Moreover, it is believed to reduce the negative impact caused by drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances that attack the liver directly. Another remedy that you can use is dandelion tea, which may also help to detoxify the liver and improve the overall health of the kidney system.

Fortunately, consuming marshmallow root tea can do helpful things for your kidneys and liver due to its high antioxidant capacity. This herb can bind with heavy metals and usher them out of your liver and kidneys.


You have several spices in the kitchen, so you should jot down the names that can detoxify your organs. Turmeric is famous for its healing properties, but it detoxifies kidneys and liver and protects them through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, people with kidney diseases or bile obstruction should limit their intake of turmeric.

Additionally, cumin and fennel seeds stimulate the flow of bile enhancing digestion and eliminating toxins from the body. In fact, fennel seeds can help in breaking down uric acid in the tissues and kidney stones. See! how easy it is to detoxify your kidney and liver by just eating healthy? And you know what these simple remedies can help you to decrease the risk of bladder problems, kidney stones, fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease might play a role in the development of diabetes type 2.

These natural remedies improve the health of the liver and kidneys, allowing them to function properly. You need to balance your detox system as it gets exhausted with age or when exposed to numerous toxins. Hence, you should include these natural remedies in your daily to live a healthy life.


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