Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is the major organ of the body it is made up of multiple layers of tissues. It performs the main function in the body by providing blood all around your body. The size of the heart is about your fist and it is protected by breastbone and ribs.

Tyhe heart is divided into four sections two upper sections are referred to as atria and two lower chambers or sections are known as ventricles. Heartbeats about 60 to

100 times per minute every time the heart beats it pumps fresh blood to the veins and other tissues of the body.

The circulatory system is the network of blood vessels such as arteries, veins, and capillaries, and the heart is located in the center of this system.

Ways to keep your heart healthy

Keeping your heart healthy is very essential and it is something you can work on every day. A healthy heart keeps you away from several diseases and many other complications. Natural remedies to keep your heart healthy is highly important to improve the flow of blood and prevent cardiac arrest.

Focus on more fruit. Keeping your heart healthy is very simple one needs to focus on a healthy and balanced diet to prevent cardiovascular disease. Always go for a nutritious diet such as low-fat polyunsaturated food, low-carb diet, and cut off all saturated fat, salt, sugar, and other fast food, because they increase the risk of heart attack and blockage of arteries.

If your blood pressure is normal 120/80 mm Hg then your heart rate will be normal also when your heart is doing its job perfectly then your body gets adequate nutrients

and blood-borne oxygen. Though healthy levels of cholesterol in the body are important to produce cells, however, increase the level of LDL in the blood can cause blockage of arteries and prevent the normal flow of blood which leads to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Therefore, each person must keep your heart healthy by eating healthy and

nutritious food especially prefer polyunsaturated fatty acids such as walnuts, flaxseeds, corn oil, sunflower seeds, and fish. Always choose your food wisely because careless behavior regarding food choices can cause adverse effect on your health.

Healthy food for a healthy heart

There are several foods which help you to live a heart-healthy lifestyle;

Fruits and vegetables

Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet because a variety of fruits

and vegetables helps you to live a heart-healthy lifestyle and prevent

any heart disease.

Fruits including all berries such as;

  • Blackberry

  • Raspberry

  • Strawberries

  • Avocado

Vegetables include;

  • All green leafy vegetables

  • Beans

  • Tomatoes

Others include;

  • Walnuts

  • Fish oil

  • Almonds

  • Seeds

  • Green tea

  • Dark chocolate

  • Salmon fish

  • Sunflower seeds


Wholegrain cereals are the main source of a healthy heart wholegrain

include natural grains that help you to keep yourself healthy and

prevent disorders related to the heart.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the best

choice to keep your heart fit and active. High cholesterol and saturated

fatty acids badly affect your heart and lead to a heart attack as well.

Use herbs and spices instead of salt

Use more herbs and spices, not salt because salt increases blood

pressure and hypertension are the major risk factor for heart disease.

Adding spices and herbs in the food makes it tastier and full of flavor.

Natural remedies to keep your heart healthy

If you want to keep your heart healthy then you will prefer natural

remedies instead of medicines because these natural remedies can

provide you long time benefits ad will not only keep your heart healthy

but will also protect you from any other advanced disorders. Several

herbs and spices can play a vital role in keeping our heart active and


Heart friendly herbs

Variety of herbs such as play a vital role to keep your heart healthy and

improve blood circulation;


It is an essential herb and effective to control high cholesterol and keep

the heart healthy and active. This herb improves the blood flow in the

arteries and improves the circulation of blood as well. It also helps to

reduce blood pressure because blood pressure is the major risk factor

of heart attack therefore if blood pressure is normal then the heart will

work properly and actively.


The most common and useful herb is cinnamon it helps to reduce

harmful fats in the body and reduces the blood sugar level. A daily dose

of cinnamon can positively prevent the high cholesterol level in the

blood and helps to improve your heart function. Add it in the oatmeal

and smoothies or you can add it in meatless turkey as well.


Basil is the most advantageous herb and provides loads of benefits to

your heart it improves the normal blood circulation of the heart and

keeps your heart healthy and active. It may also help to lower blood

pressure and diabetes as well. Hence, it is a complete package that

provides you multiple benefits.


If you want to keep your heart healthy then a simple trick is increasing

your intake of garlic it will help you to reduce cholesterol level and will

lower the blood pressure as well. Always go for natural remedies to

protect your heart from cardiovascular disease because natural

remedies can give you multiple benefits than artificial things. You can

add it to stews, soups, and vegetables.


It is another very popular heart used all around the world in foods in

the dry and fresh form it is very good for a healthy heart. Dil helps to

control blood cholesterol level, LDL, VLDL levels are reduced due to the

consumption of dil it also adds flavor to your food.


Ginger provides you benefits in several ways including lowering the

cholesterol level, LDL, VLDL. ½ teaspoon of ginger can help you to

overcome any risk of a heart attack.

These herbs are highly beneficial for your heart and keep your heart

healthy and strong.

Heart friendly spices

Several spices can provide you benefits these natural remedies can

prevent cardiovascular diseases very quickly.

Black pepper

Black pepper is a common spice and good for your heart health it has

lipid-lowering effects and it has antioxidant properties. Improves heart

health just add 1 teaspoon black pepper daily into your meals instead

of adding artificial salt.

Chili pepper

Make your meal more delicious and heart-healthy by adding chili

pepper into your meal. It improves the good cholesterol and Capsaicin

in the chili pepper lowers the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of

heart attacks.


It possesses various therapeutic properties such as reducing blood

pressure, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation. Daily intake of

clove in a meal will provide you an abundance of benefits.


Inflammation damages to all body organs including heart turmeric help

to reduce inflammation it has anti-inflammatory. Anti-carcinogenic

properties and prevents cardiovascular disease. Add turmeric in soups,

curries, hot drinks, and even smoothies and you will enjoy its benefits.

Many people just don't know how to start a healthy diet they want to

adopt a heart-healthy diet but unable to start it because of poor

awareness and no meal plan. This sample meal plan will help you to

incorporate salt-free, sugar-free, and heart-healthy foods into your

daily diet to keep your heart fit and active.

Regular physical activity

Daily exercise is compulsory for each human being to keep their heart

healthy at least 30 minutes per day exercise is essential for each

person. Cholesterol level gets reduced from the body if you exercise


Usually, aerobic exercise is recommended for people to keep

heart active, healthy and fit. Daily exercise boosts your heart health

various kinds of exercises repair our heart muscles, and aerobic

exercise improves your blood circulation and lowers heart rate and

blood pressure.

Drinks for a healthy heart

Many healthy drinks and smoothies can help to overcome the risk of

heart attack or cardiovascular disease.

Plain water

Simple plain water is very beneficial for your heart people always

overlook the importance of water it is the main source of your healthy

heart. The blockage of arteries due to the thickness of blood can be

reduced and it changes into thin blood just by drinking simple water

especially Luke warm water in the morning before breakfast. Plain

water has several benefits to increase the intake of water and your

heart will work normally and properly. If you get bored with simple

water time and again then you can even add a slice of citrus water in

plain water such as lemon, orange because they are loaded with many

nutrients and vitamins and will promote your heart health.

Beetroot juice

This the most beneficial easy to make just ½ beetroot can give you an

instant benefit. Daily 1 cup of beetroot juice can provide you a plethora

of benefits.

Green tea

Green tea is another very light and good tea to drink instead of drinking

any other sugary drink go for green tea and you will see the best

results. It will provide you multiple benefits to your heart and improve

blood circulation.

Ginger tea/ginger water

The most common drink which is preferred by many people and it helps

you to improve blood circulation of heart as well as aids in the thinning

of the blood. 1 cup daily can give you multiple benefits so add it into

your diet as well. You can add half ginger in the water and can drink it

especially if you have sore throat this ginger water and ginger tea helps

you to relive your body pain as well. Therefore, it is considered as a

best natural remedy it not only keeps your heart healthy but also assist

in controlling any kind of body pain such as back ache, muscle pain.

Sample meal plan for a healthy heart

This is the sample meal plan for heart healthy lifestyle.


1 cup cooked oatmeal with 1 tsp sprinkled cinnamon and 1 tsp chopped

walnuts (145 calories) Carbs 25.7g protein 6.6g fat 2.39g

1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt and a pinch of pepper (90 calories) carbs

13.5g protein 18g fat 0.37g

1 cup skim milk (80 calories) carbs 11g protein 8g fat

1 cup black beans soup (114 calories) carbs 19g protein 6g fat 1.6g

1 serving avocado egg toast (158 calories) carbs 13g protein 9g fat 8g

1 block of dark chocolate (74 calories) carbs 8.32g protein 0.78g fat


Mid-morning snack

1 banana (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 0g fat 0g

1 cup raw cauliflower and broccoli (42 calories) carbs 15g protein 2g fat


2 tsp mixed unsalted nuts (25 calories) carbs 8g protein 5g fat 18g

1 peach (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 0g fat 0g


1 cup low-fat plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed (90 calories)

carbs 5g protein 18g fat 0g

3 oz skinless chicken breast (138 calories) carbs 0g protein 25g fat


2 egg whites (32 calories) carbs 0g protein 4g fat 0g

1 cup brown rice with chopped dried apricots. (110 calories) carbs 22g

protein 10g fat 10g

1 cup beetroot juice (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 0.3g fat 0g

1 cup vegetable soup (32 calories) carbs 15g protein 4g fat 0g

Evening Snack

1 cup vegetable ginger soup (32 calories) carbs 15g protein 4g fat 0g

½ cup baby corn (25 calories) carbs 5g protein 2g fat 0g

1 cup ginger tea/green tea (15 calories) carbs 2g protein 0g fat 0g


4 oz salmon (113 calories) carbs 0g protein 25g fat 14g

1 cup steamed broccoli (31 calories) carbs 6g protein 3g fat 0g

I medium apple (60 calories) carbs 15g protein 0g fat 0g

1 serving cod with tomato cream sauce (211 calories) carbs 12g protein

21.7g fat 5.3g

1 cup matcha smoothie (37 calories) carbs 8g protein 1.2g fat 0g.



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