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Hello, my name is chef Marc St Omer,

I am one of the top Jamaican Caribbean Chefs in the United States.
I have over 18 years of experience in creating healthy and nutritionally rich food and I am sure, that our health directly depends on what we eat

Sadly, 70% of adults today are either overweight or obese, as are 30% of young Americans aged 6 to 19. Coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are 4 of the top 10 leading death causes and they all are related to our diet.

The biggest problem is what we eat. Even if we avoid processed food, and cook at home, the ingredients that we find in stores, are weak and nutritionally poor. We end up with fruits and vegetables grown artificially and fast. They are very low in nutrients, vitamins & elements needed to sustain the human body.

Big producers add many chemicals to make their crops disease resistant, increase their weight and shelf life. These chemicals and toxins are not digested and pile up in our bodies, accumulating mostly in the colon. Being constantly poisoned, the colon develops cancer. Meanwhile, our immune system becomes depressed because we don't get enough nutrients from our food. Animals are fed with the same toxins, so the meat is already poisoned when we buy it.


Is there a way out? Yes, our health is in our hands. 

You should eat healthy meals, avoid cheap processed food and limit the amount of sugar to the levels suggested by the American Heart Association (AHA). One of the ways to sustain your body is to go 100% organic. 

The other way is to help your body and colon clean itself while adding all the lacking nutrients, minerals and elements in the form of a daily supplement that goes with your food.

I have been searching for such supplements for a long time and I am ready to share my experience with you after 18 years of daily intake. The answer to poor quality food is the TRACE Vitamins and Minerals that you find in





Building Blocks for Good Health
What do ALL great builders know? To create/build a structure that will last, one that can withstand the tests and time, they would need excellent materials to start with.

If we summarize the fīve spheres of activity of the aloe plant: immune system, digestive system, allergies, blood formation, and skin maintenance, we have what we can call "5 DIVINE Building Blocks" at the beginning of our life. When functioning in balance these "building blocks" cure our ills and sustain near-perpetual youth (or maturity as in the 25-40 year age range) thus enabling us to enjoy our life without undue pain and suffering.


The Influence Of Aloe Ferox in BITTER CRYSTAL
Aloe Ferox has multiple influences on the functions of practically all organs and systems of the human body. According to Soviet research, bio-stimulated aloe reaches all the organs through the central nervous system. The active agents in the aloe affect the exchange of impulses between the central nervous system and organs.
The central nervous system reaches all the organs through impulses to determine and control the working of those organs.


TRACE Vitamins and Minerals that you find in BITTER CRYSTAL and RESTORE 100 are an important component in the Chain of life. You can close the gap between the deficiency in your diet and what your body needs by placing an order for these products right now.

BITTER CRYSTAL and RESTORE 100 work together to maintain, defend and repair the cells of your body. They leave you feeling revitalized and full of vigor.

BITTER CRYSTAL is a colon cleanser product. It removes the particles that cannot be digested and cleans the colon from toxins. It helps to improve the immune system and prevent intestinal and colon cancer.

RESTORE 100 is a Trace Element that helps your body receive all the needed elements that are lacked in modern products: crops, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy etc. It helps to work out the elements and mineral deficiency most of us have.

BITTER CRYSTAL and RESTORE 100 were carefully formulated by a world-renowned nutritionist who invested many years of research to come up with this formula. The price of the complex is just a small fraction of your food budget, but the value can't be overestimated. BITTER CRYSTAL and RESTORE 100 will dramatically increase the quality of your life and visibly improve your health.

About Fibre Bitter

For centuries the indigenous people of Southern Africa used the Aloe ferox plant as a traditional herbal remedy. Fabulous Fibre Bitter contains 100% Aloe ferox dried leaf powder from leaves that are harvested from the wild, using centuries old harvesting methods. With this sustainable way of harvesting, only the bottom leaves are harvested, which does not harm the plants that grow as old as 50 years.

Aloe Bitters (latex) is a safe natural laxative. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day while using this product.
A herbal supplement, they act as a natural digestive remedy due to the diuretic properties of Aloe Ferox. It helps assist with regulating bowel motions and preventing constipation.   
  Benefits of Fabulous Fibre Bitter 
Helps in maintaining regular bowel movement and thereby avoiding constipation.
Supports detoxification and disinfection.
Assists the destruction of bacteria, viruses and parasites in the digestive system.
Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore may provide pain relief in some individuals.
Assist with weight loss. Crucially, research has shown that a low sensitivity to bitter taste is linked to obesity.
‘We have tried everything (for constipation) even Aloe Vera, but nothing else (except for Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fibre Bitters) works.’ Mrs. White.   ‘Aloe Ferox has changed my life completely; being constipated has always been a major problem!’ I Fourie, Surrey.
Active Ingredients :
•Aloe Whole-leaf 300 mg, Aloe Bitters 150 mg
Directions For Use :
•Laxative: take ½-3 tablets in the evening in a single dose. Use the smallest treatment necessary to maintain a soft stool.
•Other uses, including taking one pill daily with meals to keep regular.
Disclaimer: Please note that our statements about the healing properties of aloe ferox are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or  prevent any disease.
For your best health, in the case of recurring and long-term illness, you should consult your doctor. You should also consult your doctor before using herbal remedies if you have an existing health condition, are pregnant or are planning to have a baby. No studies have been concluded on internal use of aloe in children.


Not suitable for nursing mothers and pregnant women
Taking more than the advised quantity may lead to serious cramping and diarrhoea.
Never substitute a healthy diet for long-term laxative use.

It is clinically proven that the use of anthranoid laxatives (such as Aloe Ferox bitters), even in the long term, DO NOT CAUSE CANCER (ref. Department of Medicine, Univ of Erlangen, Germany; Journal: Gut; May 2000; vol 46(5): p 651-5)

It’s time to take responsibility and give your body what it deserves.

Do the right thing, get these products right now!



John M. (OH)

I was suffering from constipation for the last 5 years. I visited many doctors, I had a lot of medication prescriptions, but I didn't get rid of my problem. I met Marc one day, he was advised to me by someone as a good specialist to consult me about my eating habits and my problem. So I talked to him and he gave me the Bitter Crystal to try. 15 hours after, I went to the bathroom. Since then I went to the bathroom 3-4 times a day until my constipation problem disappeared. Now I am feeling much better and I forgot about my old constipation problem.

Jim L. (NY) 

Constipation was my problem for over 10 years. I was severely in pain sometimes because things couldn't come out. Then I met chef St Omer, the true friend. I guess that was the best day of my life. He advised me Bitter Crystal, which I tried. It was very bitter in the beginning, but in a week's time, I started to see an amazing result. I could go to the bathroom twice a day and it was a miracle for me. Now I'm on this product for over 2 years. I give testimony that it really works!

Chris E. (CA)

My sister-in-law called me about her RESTORE 100 regimen and all of the positive things that have happened to her. She has suffered from back and arthritis pain for years, she is also taking meds for depression and blood pressure. Since she has taken one pill of minerals a day she's gradually lost her back pain and her arthritis. With no physical pain, she doesn't feel she needs the depression pills and has told her doctor. Additionally, her blood pressure has improved. Her friend who is the mother of a famous NY model also has seen a huge reduction in her arthritis


Kim (OR)

My daughter’s wart after many trips to Bend Dermatology and about $1,200.00 later kept growing back This has been going on since she was 13 years old, and now she is 24. However, after two weeks of applying RESTORE 100, her wart fell off. I have many other issues my family works on and by taking these minerals I know there will be a dramatic difference.

Dr. Edward C. (MX)

My patient was suffering from due to a hormonal imbalance from taking birth control pills. It was corrected and unwanted facial hair stopped appearing after treatment with RESTORE 100 tablets.

Dr. Daniel R. (Buenos Aires)

My parents (71 and 67 years old) suffering from joint troubles, specifically in the hips, close to the 14th and 15th vertebrae. I happily received news from my parents after taking the 76 RESTORE 100 capsules that their troubles were gone and that they were much better. Also this year they have not suffered from any respiratory problems, from a simple cold to any obstruction problems, very common in people of the third age.

Frequently asked questions

What is it exactly?

Trace minerals are, generally, uncommon minerals that practically all organisms need in minute quantities in order to trigger the production of enzymes and hormones for growth, reproduction and healthy maintenance of the animal or plant body. Nutritionally speaking, trace minerals by definition are those which are required by the human body in micro amounts, i.e., in 100 milligrams (mg) dosages per day, or less. Copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, and zinc, are required in milligram amounts, while chromium, iodine, molybdenum, and selenium are needed in microgram quantities (units of 1/1000 of mg.).

How does it work?

Trace Minerals absorb toxic substances from the intestinal tract, and at the same time possess a healing and soothing quality. They also absorb gaseous substances and aid in regularity acting as catalysts which aid in metabolism and cell building. Minerals are essential for the synthesis and vital processes of every living thing including oxidation, secretion, growth and reproduction.

What are Trace Mineral Benefits?

Arsenic Promotes growth and normal reproductive capability. Several of its compounds are used in medicines. Boron Promotes normal growth. Controls over excretion of calcium and magnesium. Maintains proper levels of steroid hormones. Cadmium and Mercury
Replaces some of the functions of Zinc in certain situations. Cadmium promotes proper growth and reproductive capability in livestock. Calcium and Iron Can decrease absorption of Lead and prevent toxicity. Calcium combines with Phosphorous to promote solid bone formation. Chlorine(ide) One of main Electrolytes responsible for regulating and distributing fluids amongst the different body compartments. Chromium Regularizes glucose metabolism. Cobalt Essential for formation of Vitamin B12. Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities. Copper May increase toxicity of Cadmium. Copper helps prevent anemia, poor growth, poor iron transport and damage to cells from free radicals. Fluorine(ide) Helps tooth enamel to harden and prevent cavities. Iodine Prevents goiter and cretinism. Iron Maintains body temperature, reduces fatigue, headaches and controls radical changes of behavior. Iron absorption is increased in combination with Vitamin C. Lead Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities in animals. Lithium Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities in animals. Magnesium Promotes healthy bone structure and proper ATP utilization. Manganese Absorption is a) enhanced when Iron is suppressed, b) depressed when Iron is high. Manganese is a preventative against mental retardation, reproductive problems and congenital malformations. Molybdenum Promotes normal growth and reproductive capability. Increases life expectancy and food intake. Along with Vitamin C and Zinc, suppresses Copper absorption. Nickel Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities, and maintains proper plasma glucose levels. Phosphorus Forestalls bone loss and reinforces appetite and strength. Potassium Moderates heartbeat, counteracts fatigue, muscle cramps, and constipation. One of main Electrolytes responsible for regulating and distributing fluids amongst the different body compartments. Selenium Can protect against Mercury poisoning. Mitigates against muscle pain, weakness, and heart disease (Keshan’s disease). Silicon Prevent abnormalities in bone and connective tissue. Sodium Counteracts muscle cramps. One of main Electrolytes responsible for regulating and distributing fluids amongst the different body compartments. Sulphur Is found in antioxidants and certain amino acids. Tin Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities in animals. Vanadium Promotes normal growth and reproductive capabilities in animals. Zinc Prevents damage due to high levels of Cadmium. Active against mental retardation, changes in taste, delayed sexuality, skin change, hair loss, and skeletal abnormalities. Along with Molybdenum and Vitamin C, suppresses Copper absorption.


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